“Simon” 8″ x 10″pastel on Multimedia Art Board

ImageThis is a commission I just finished for someone who’s beloved Simon passed.I took the photo a little fast thinking I would take  another better one before mailing….hmmm…


“Marshland by the Trail”

Imagepastel on mat board. I used the mat board and added gesso then Golden pastel ground.This is taken  from some beautiful scenery I saw while walking through the Sepulveda Reserve trail.

“Checking Out The Rat Rod”

ImageThis is pastel on a handmade pastel surface-I used a piece of mat board they had on sale for .25 at  a local art supply store.I gessoed it then added pastel ground from Golden.We love to go to car shows,and I especially love the look of the rat rods…primered or rusted..dropped to the ground..This might be a bigger oil painting later…