Adriana Guidi was born and raised in Los Angeles,California,where she resides with her 2 beautiful cats Weinerskittels(Queen Ween) and Tinkerbell(Miss B).

“I guess you would consider my style Realism with some Impressionism mixed in.

I just can’t seem to stick with one medium though -I love working with all of them – oils, pastels, watercolors, charcoal and graphite (sometimes acrylic).They each call to me depending on the piece…or whatever mood I’m in.”

Adriana was always surrounded by art, but she didn’t think of it as a career until much later in life. ”In school arts and crafts was one of the best parts of the day, along with music and studying the planets!”

Adriana started out doing pencil and pen and ink sketches of various musicians and actors, especially from British television like Benny Hill. ”My mom gave me some books on French Impressionism, and I fell in love with their beautiful paintings of color and light!”

After high school, Adriana attended Los AngelesValleyCollege where she had her first introduction to drawing from a live model along with   classes in Two-Dimensional Design.

Visits with her uncle Victor Amadio  (himself an artist) included discussions about proportion and perspective and stories about his teachers and friends Nicolai Fechin and Lawrence Murphy.

Over the last few years Adriana has studied privately with artist and teacher Richard Morris and taken various workshops whenever possible. ” Now I’m devouring art books, magazines, sometimes online videos, checking out other artist friends’ paintings, working on perfecting my craft. I love coming across an interesting face or scene and getting  that’oh I have to paint that’ feeling, then have  it come alive in front of me. I want to share  what I’ve created with everyone”

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  1. I’m an artist-I paint portraits,landscapes,still life..anything that strikes me as an “Oh I Have to paint that!” I’m constantly learning and practicing and reading about art and techniques.I just want to get better and better….Welcome and enjoy my blog!

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