“Poppies N Pansies”

Poppies n Pansies 6 x 8 2nd 6″ x 8″ oil on canvas board.Time for some Spring flowers right? I saw these in front of a neighbor’s house down the street,and I fell in love with the velvety colors of the dark magenta and purple pansies. Thanks for stopping by. 135.00 USD

“Red VW at Night”

red vw at night9″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.My Mom and I were at a local market a couple of weeks ago .We had just parked and about to go in when I noticed this wonderful classic red VW bus parked just a ways away.With the dark night back round juxtaposed with the lights and color of the bus sitting alone there on a parking space,I grabbed my mobile and took a few photos.

This was going to be some fun painting!


My New Blog Title

So I’ve upgraded my blog to adrianaguidi.com! Yay!

I finally decided to get my domain name and this blog will still be the same one you’ve all come to know and love…haha, but without the wordpress name in the blog.When you type in the older address,you’ll  automatically be directed here.

Also check out the “Winter Show” coming up January 23rd at Carter Sexton on Laurel Canyon in Valley Village.