“How to Not Get Beat-Up in A Small -Town Bar”

My Canadian screenwriter friend Jim Makichuk just finished writing a travel book called “How To Not Get Beat-Up In A Small-Town Bar” with real life short stories from his travels.

Yours truly here did the illustrations.

We’re looking for funds to finish the book,which means publishing,illustrations and book cover.

If you have a few minutes,head on over to http://www.smalltownbars.com, and it will take you right to our campaign indiegogo.com.

You can see a lot of great illustrations (done by me),videos,photographs and clips of stories (by Jim) for free. Have a look,stay for a while and maybe you might even like the perks and help us out.

And if you can,forward this to friends.

Thanks and enjoy!Campaign card final 2-22-2016